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How You Can Easily Generate a Constant Stream Of Customers

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From meetings and conversations with many entrepreneurs I’ve seen that more then 90% are struggling with a weak, or no stream of new customers at all. They come to me all the time with the request to write a good advertisement, brochure or mailing for them. But does this actually work?

The answer is two-sided, yes and no. Yes because mailings, advertisements and other marketing methods do produce results in terms of more leads or sales. No because it isn’t a solution for the problem in the long-term. The problem will be solved for just a little while. As soon as they stop placing the ads or sending out the mailing, the reaction from the market will soon stop.

It’s quite difficult to keep advertising with a low or zero marketing budget, while many entrepreneurs see this as the only solution. They tend to keep finding new things and ways to promote, almost like finding excuses to place an ad. But what’s the difference between them and companies that never place an ad, yet grow with at least 50% a year?

Other common problems regarding marketing are: to much ‘gambling’ with the marketing budget, low results and empty promises, high costs and being to busy with other important business activities.

Fact is that in reality you’re already solving many problems in your business with a solution that also fits this problem, namely: processes and systems. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then think about how your production works, how your bookkeeping does their work, what you do in terms of management. Almost all activity in your business is done in a particular way, a process or system. Whether it’s been written down, mapped or just in your head – it can be broken down to a core process.

So why wouldn’t you systematize your marketing?

Marketing is just like all other systems, a multi-step process. You can never reach your goal by taking just one step. Even if it would be the case, it would be a temporary solution. Like placing an advertisement to attract more customers.

To obtain a healthy and constant stream of new clients you’ll have to keep your marketing up and running. And because advertising is so expensive, you have to find other ways and media. There are solutions to these problems, but let us first take a look at what a good marketing system consists of:

1) Specific way to find and contact potential customers

2) Knowing exactly what the customer wants to hear in order to create a strong want & need for your product

3) Effective strategy to constantly get new potential customers into contact with you

4) Multi-step selling process, which gives multiple opportunities for a sale

5) Ways to get the customer to buy more of the same or different (more expensive) products from you

6) Referral strategy with as goal to get your customers to refer as many friends and colleagues to you

No single company that has these six critical elements camps with customer-stream problems, the guess-work, high costs of advertising nor time investment. As soon as the system has been setup and is running it’s easy to create financial forecasts. There also won’t be anymore unnecessary costs and because everything works thru the system, there isn’t much time needed to keep it running.

A good ad, brochure or sales letter is merely a first element that gets you into contact with the potential customer. Afterwards you’ll have to take several more steps to convert him to customer and to get the most out of the relationship.

Make a system of all your marketing and make sure that this, as any other business activity, runs as efficient as possible. You’ll really enjoy it!


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Dave Origano is owner of seven successful businesses, all under the ‘umbrella’ of Business Growth Advisors Inc. He’s an internationally respected entrepreneur, marketing advisor and strategic business builder. Visit his blog Exponential Business Growth for more articles, tips and strategies.

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