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Using a brand new and different type of advertising medium for the first time can often seem a little daunting and even occasionally cause people to actually shy away from what could be an excellent addition to their marketing portfolio.

The search sub engine is one such brand new method of advertising your website, affiliate scheme, mlm, and blog.

It’s a relatively simple process to list your business on the search sub engines and in no way should it cause any anxiety. Anyone who has ever listed an item for sale on an auction site will be familiar with the process used by search sub engines.

The first step is free registration, at which point you choose your user name and password. Following primary email confirmation you are now ready to list your business and start receiving visits to your website.

Listing your site is free, but instead of simply jumping in, try a little preparation first, it will pay you great dividends in the long run.

Compose a catchy hook line for your listing, this can be your website title or if you’re a little more adventurous it can be something completely new and innovative, but remember it’s this hook line that serves to attract visitors to your landing page within the search sub engine, so make it snappy.

Follow this with a subtitle, a little something extra to entice those much needed visitors, remember, because there is a small charge for including subtitles, usually about 40cents, many advertisers will omit to use this feature, so by utilizing this feature yourself you will be making your listing much more noticeable.

You can also use bold text and highlight facilities, each of which carry a similar small charge but serve to make your listing stand out from the crowd.

On your landing page you can really let go, and use your imagination to the full by being as descriptive as possible about your site and your products. Or if you’re not very articulate when it comes to sales text, don’t worry, you can simple copy and paste the text from your websites home page and use that instead, but it is worth trying your hand at being a little more creative, especially when the facility is in place for you to change the content at any time if you are in any way unhappy with it.

Your landing page includes a live link direct to your website so it’s important that the content of your landing page serves to entice your visitors to visit your actual website, and so make those necessary sales.

You also have a choice of listing periods ranging from 1 day to 28 days, trying out varying periods until you find what best suits you and your business is the best way to proceed.

Don’t worry about your listing period ending, the search sub engine is programmed to inform you that your listing is ending and at the same time allow you to re list your business with a single click.

You can list your business as often as you wish and in any categories which suit the content of your website, or appertain to your product. You may find that you can list your site in more than one category and if you can’t find a suitable category you can always suggest a new category in the search sub engines admin area.

If you have more than one site or business, you can make use of the multiple listngs facility to make it easier and quicker to list all your websites.

The search sub engine has something for everyone, and it’s extremely user friendly, so put aside any inhibitions you might have regarding new advertising processes and give it a go, it’s free and it can only help to enhance your online presence.


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Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer. Now a content online marketer. Don’t allow your marketing efforts, your advertising dollar and your valuable time to be wasted. Make all your efforts count, start by using a search sub engine, a system that actually works visit my site http://www.rotata.com

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