Are You Sharing In The Wealth?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Holly Beitel and I am a CPA and business consultant who has studied network marketing as a business model. That is truly what network marketing is: a business model. A highly effective and efficient business model!

Network Marketing is a method of moving products and services from the manufacturer to the end consumer through the most powerful method of advertisement ever employed: word of mouth advertising.

If you are familiar with the difference between pyramid schemes and true network marketing, then you know that pyramid schemes have been illegal for many years. You are probably also familiar with the practices of some of the giants in Network Marketing over the last 20 years. Let’s see. You have visions of garages full of product, three-way calling, the three-foot rule, etc. All of these techniques have proved ineffective for 98% of network marketers. These dismal results are not a fault of the model itself. It is a result of the techniques used to employ it.

I’d like to spend a little time explaining the fundamentals of Network Marketing, and reveal why it is NOW creating more millionaires than any other industry.

Look at the traditional model of distribution. Did you know that a can of soda costs about 10 cents to manufacture? However, by the time it is dispensed from a vending machine it costs the consumer $1. Why is that? Well, you have to pay for manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, advertising, stocking, etc. The overhead costs are crushing.

The distribution chain in Network Marketing is manufacturer to end consumer. Done. The money that was wasted in the traditional model now goes to two very valuable places. The first is to YOU the distributor, and the second is to product R&D and technology! This ensures that the products and services are cutting-edge, and those doing the work are getting paid generously.

Don’t let anyone get away with the objection that they just don’t agree with the “Network Marketing thing.” Next time ask them what it is they don’t agree with: bringing products and services to the marketplace in the most efficient way possible, moving up in a company because you work the hardest and help the most people or allowing everyone an equal opportunity to achieve freedom of time and financial independence? Where else can you find a vehicle that offers you the opportunity to be one in the 1% who retires wealthy in this country?

Success Magazine says that Network Marketing is the, “Most powerful way to reach the consumer.” There are Fortune 500 companies who are currently using this distribution method to get some or all of their products to marketplace. Big names like: Gillette, Colgate-Palmolive, Sharp, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, IBM and Coca-Cola to name a few. We haven’t begun to see the real potential of Network Marketing.

NOW, let me ask you, “Are YOU accumulating the wealth that this business model generously offers?” I know for a fact that 9 out of 10 of you reading this article are not! Why? Mainly because the biggest misconception about the network marketing industry is that the key to making it work is simply doing things like “get 3 who will get 3″ That misconception will keep you in your day job forever. You will be left in the wake of this new wave surrounded by a calamity of fliers, promotional materials and business cards.

The key to success in Network Marketing is less tangible. It begins with understanding people, the psychology of consumer wants/needs/desires, creating the urgency to buy and most importantly, figuring out you. You might have the perfect product and the most lucrative compensation plan around. However, if you don’t have the perfect message, the message that results in the CONSUMPTION of your product or service no one earns anything.

The fact is only a very small percentage of marketers can do these things without training, and they all attended the “school of hard knocks” learning the hard way. I don’t mean training on how to do three-way calling or to explain the compensation plan. I mean training on how to reach the very consumers who have a want, need or desire for your particular product or service. Explanation of how to identify, isolate and overcome their “perceived” objections. And, how to create the urgency to buy and ultimately to consume the very thing they truly need or desire.

The truth is that the things you need to do are very simple. The reason 9 out of 10 of you reading this aren’t doing them is because to figure it all out on your own is virtually impossible. By the time you can get enough scars and personal experience to figure some of these things out, you have long since become discouraged and run out of financial resources.

Most likely, you are receiving some form of “training” from your upline. The problem is that they still have to focus on continuing to build their own organization as well, and most of the time they are only a few steps ahead of you in the game.

Now that the general business community is acknowledging and implementing the model of Network Marketing, we are seeing smarter, more effective education and training in the industry. The best training, of course, is personalized, interactive training done by those who have tried, tested and perfected the skills and techniques necessary for success in Network Marketing.

I highly encourage those of you who want to ride the wave and momentum that Network Marketing is generating to find and invest in such training. Yes, I said invest. Find a resource that has walked the “trail of tears” already. Find someone who has the experience to help you shrink your learning curve, and someone who has recreated their success over and over in multiple arenas. Your future in Network Marketing hangs in the balance.

Network Marketing is an ingenious business model. One that works without fail when properly approached and implemented! You are already in the water. Equip yourself to “ride the wave” to success in your business.



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Holly Beitel is a CPA and small business consultant. Her expertise include all aspects of small business development. For a free info kit identifying the tools and skills needed for today’s Network Marketing contact Holly at 918-698-6674, by email at or visit

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