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What is target marketing? Simply put, it involves breaking a market into segments and then focusing your marketing efforts on one of those segments.

The key to any businesses success can depend on target marketing. It provides focus for all your marketing activities and makes them more cost effective.

Entrepreneurs who do not plan ahead to determine who their target market is before they spend money on advertising will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

You can plan ahead by:

1. Determining the correct target market for your business.

2. Figure out the best way to reach them.

3. Develop a message to reach them with.

Think of your target market as those people who are most likely to buy from you. Do not be too general, describe your target market with as much detail as possible, using your knowledge of your service and how it will benefit others. Ask who would want your product or service? Successful entrepreneurs understand that only a limited number of people will want their service or product. Your goal should be to determine, as closely as possible, exactly who those people are and then targeting your marketing campaigns toward them.

TIP: Become a specialist. Do not attempt to offer everything to everyone, refine your service or product so that you attract a particular customer segment, your target market.

Why do people spend their money on products or services?

1. To solve a problem.

2. To satisfy a basic need.

3. Most importantly, to feel good.

Which category does your service or product provide a solution for? Once you know be prepared to market to it accordingly. Keep in mind that your service may fit into more than one of the three categories.

Your potential customers can not tell the difference between your company and your competitors. So it is your responsibility to target the group that you know is interested in your service.

Target marketing provides direction for your service or product. Once you know your target market you can then direct all your resources to this potential group of people. Your business will gain focus and you not waste your time or money on people who have no interest in what you are offering.

Some advantages to knowing your target market are:

1. Potential customers who read your marketing ads will know exactly why they need your services.

2. It will help you decide how and where to market your business.

3. Your marketing strategy will be more effective and produce more results.

The bottom line for your business is less time wasted on marketing campaigns that will not benefit your business and more time dedicated to locating prospects and turning them into customers.

There is a target market for everything. Why would someone buy water in a bottle when they can get it for just about free from the faucet?

So, have you identified your target market yet?

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