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What Sales Technique Kills More Deals than Any Other?

Do you know which sales technique kills a deal faster than any other does? Do you know what this sales technique is so that you do not use it and blow deals? Before considering the methods of selling that are most effective, it will be well to get rid of a mistaken idea that is all too common. A great many people regard reasoning power, or the force of pure logic, as an important selling tool. There are sales representatives who attempt to "argue" prospects into buying. Unthinking sales ...more

How to Sell Value Instead of Price

Sell value and not price. It seems like a simple concept, so easy to understand. Yet accomplishing it can be elusive especially if we overlook one thing. Do you know the value of what you sell? It may not be what you think it is. There's only one way to determine your product's true value. Without that information, your value-based sales approach may be misguided. Maintaining focus on value is an important part of any sales encounter for two reasons: 1. Buyers won't pay more for any pro ...more

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